Geordie Shore's celebrity Kyle Christie gives his approval and thumbs upto TNT fatburner and said "Really happy I tried this new EXPLOSIVE fat burner and pre-workout called TNT"

Be prepared for the most EXPLOSIVE results imaginable with TNT Fat Burner – Strong To The Core. This state of the art rock solid multi phase formulation is designed to bridge the gap between old weight loss products and the new generation of supplements, giving unrivalled fat blasting weight loss potential. A ground breaking and unique set of ingredients NEVER used in this combination or strength before gives TNT Fat Blaster Explosive results fast!

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TNT Fat Burner – Strong To The Core Ingredients are trade marked or patented and have excellent reputations in their own right but put them all together and you get excellent results never seen before in a weight loss product,

Each stick of TNT contains 120 Explosive Charges, each one designed to help you dig deep, burn more fat and chisel out a new you!